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Earthday Events

The “National Earth Day Rally” was at High noon on Earth day 2011 in April on the 22nd. Which is also Good Friday at the inner harbor.

This years theme was S.O.S. Save our Sharks, and “Fish Rights” The National Aquarium in Baltimore was the perfect place to hold the “National” event being a great example of where we need to start helping our planet by protesting the old school process of killing fish for money because they have no rights and selling our “American Sharks” to other countries that are smart enough to protect their own by a wholesaler that says it’s “responsible” to sell 14 ft. sharks to Pet Stores and brags about dumping high doses of chemicals on all the fish in quarantine together causing the need to periodically replace the fish that have gone though chemo poisoning.

Better Natural ways have been developed to fix this problem, But because fish have “no rights” there is no need to develop into sustainable collecting and keeping practices unless we let these companies know this is unacceptable and will no longer be allowed in America at the National Aquarium the world is laughing our national joke if that’s the best America has to offer.

So on Earth day we let the world know we care about earth enough to do the right thing. We will have three petitions there.

Although we made some signs, We allowed the kids to make some of their own.

We had a great time. Some decided to join us instead of going into the aquarium. We received many signatures on our petitions. We will be holding other protest / rallies, and if you would like to participate in the next event, or if there are other locations that are not up to "American" standards let us know.

While parents were signing petitions, kids made up their own signs.
We call this,
"Out of the mouths of babes".
Our next generation speaks.